It’s my second winter living full time in Peniche and I am loving it. The beautiful weather, with temperatures going all the way to 15-20 degrees during the day and pumping waves with only a few people around.

Last year I was terrified by the Portugal winter as it was cold and rainy. It was hard for me, coming from 10 years living in tropical Asia where the temperature doesn’t go below 25 degrees, to having a really cold and wet winter as it was.

2019 seems to be different, and we have had an awesome winter. Mostly sunny days with a few storms coming from the North to bring a bit of aNetflix + blankets + hot chocolate mood into our A/C heated Apartments. It would actually be good-timing so we could rest a bit after surfing non-stop for day.

When we think about Europe’s waves in winter we think about big gnarly Supertubos or Nazaré, but you also have the places where you can surf chest to head high waves or even smaller if it’s what you are looking for.
Baleal is the perfect place to be because of all the options you have. It does not matter if you are a charger or you just want to learn how to surf, or if the wind is South, North, East or West, here you always have an alternative.

If you’ve been mind-surfing during winter feeling you’re missing out, do not wait any longer and book yourself in for next winter. Our properties are comfortable, warm and cosy to make you feel at home when you’re far away from home.

I hope you find some inspiration in the photos above.

Hope to see you here soon