How to get to Peniche

Peniche is about 99 km (60 miles) north of Lisbon Airport.


By Road from Lisbon

By road, it is about 1 hrs 15 minutes drive using the A8 motorway (highway) for most of the distance. This is a toll road, so visitors need to ensure they have cash to pay the tolls. The A8 is very busy at rush hour times and on holiday weekends.

Bus (Coach)
By bus (Coach) there are two options. Rede-Expressos has eleven journeys each way every day from Lisbon’s Sete Rios bus terminal to Peniche. One way fare is € 8,60 and the journey takes 90 minutes. Seat reservation is required. Reservations can be made on-line up to 14 days in advance at which has an English language option. Tickets are self-printed.

Sete Rios bus terminal is about 9 km (6 miles) from the airport. There is a bus (the Aeroshuttle, route number 96) every half hour otherwise take a taxi. There is also a metro (subway) connection, you hop off at Jardim Zoológico.

Alternatively but on weekdays only the Rapida Azul of the Rodotejo bus company runs from Lisbon’s Campo Grande bus terminal to Peniche – times at and look for Rapida Azul. No reservations are taken for this bus, one way fare is around € 7,50, paid in cash to the driver, the journey 85 minutes.

Peniche bus stops
Peniche bus terminal is in a bleak industrial zone about 900 metres (½ mile) from town. Inbound buses also make a stop at the Tribunal (Market) which is just on the edge of the town centre. You cannot board a Rede-Expressos bus here unless you have a ticket but using Rodotejo you can, cash is accepted.

Peniche has no railway station. The nearest with is either Caldas da Rainha or Torres Vedras. These are however on a secondary line with very slow and infrequent trains.  Both are over 20 miles from Peniche with very limited local buses between. This is not a recommended option.


By Road from Porto

If coming from Porto, Peniche is about 260 km (170 miles) and perhaps 3 hours drive from the airport. The A8 is the main part of the route and again travellers need to ensure they have the cash to pay the tolls.

Bus (Coach)
By bus (coach) the journey is 5 or 6 hours via Coimbra; there is only one direct journey per day and that takes 4 hrs 40 minutes. Details at

Rail is not an option from the Porto direction.


Car Rentals:

  • You can rent a car relatively cheaply, € 8-12/day.,, and are the best options to find cheap cars.
  • Pay attention to drop-off times before you choose your car in case you have a early flight. The companies that are not In-Terminal might charge you extra for an early drop off.
  • Follow the speed limit on the roads to avoid penalties, there are a lot of speed cameras on your way.
  • Via Verde: To go to Peniche and to do eventual drives to Ericeira or Nazaré you DO NOT NEED this electronic toll payment system. All the car rentals try to push it as an extra, and unless you do a lot of driving it’s not really beneficial. You might need it if you are planning on going to the Algarve as well.
  • Bring surfboard board racks (straps) in case you want to have the boards on top of the car.
  • Before dropping off: make sure you clean your car, some companies such as can charge you € 30 for basic cleaning. GoldCar usually have long lines to pick up the car, it can be a 2 hours wait just to pick up your keys.


Advice for Surfers about public transport and taxis in Portugal


  • There is free wifi on almost every bus.
  • It rarely happens, but busses can be fully booked in summer time. To be sure you can book your trip online.
  • This is often even cheaper.
  • Lisbon airport ground staff is pretty slow. It is pretty much impossible to leave the airport (with your luggage) within one hour’s time after landing.
  • Surf board transport on busses is not for free if you run into a dirver that has a bad day! At Rede Expressos they can charge you the price of a Rodomail parcel. At the Rodomail counter inside the bus terminal they weight your bag. A double board bag can be as much as € 30!
  • On overland busses (coaches) from or to Spain, have your surfboard transport confirmed before you go!


  • In rush hour a taxi from the airport can take half an hour to the bus terminal.
  • The trip from Baleal to Peniche can take well over one hour on August Sunday afternoons!
  • Ask for the price before you get on a taxi.
  • They are allowed to charge around € 1 per piece of luggage.
  • Taxi drivers often don’t take surf board bags or will charge you € 20 or more.