Discover Baleal’s culture, best restaurants, shooping and yoga life to help you plan your trip.

• Watersports
A surfing, body-boarding, kite-surfing and SUP mecca, the different wave set-ups in the area provide a range of options for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Whether you are searching for powerful beachbreaks, big wave glory, fun slabs or friendly whitewater, the geography of the coastline provides it all, including options for different swell and wind conditions. We can recommend surfschools and photographers should you wish to take your surfing to the next level or want to professionally document your sessions.

• Surf Spots
Located on a peninsula, surfers have options for all wind directions. There are more than 12 breaks within a 7km radius, ideal if you are not in the mood to take the car and prefer to cycle or walk to the beach. Some of our favorites:

  • Supertubos, a world-class wave and stop on the World Tour is just 5km away. This works well with Northerly winds
  • Praia da Baia is a 10 minute walk away with sandbanks down the entire coastline until Peniche, meaning you can find your own peak to surf. This bay works with almost any wind.
  • Lagide, a 8 minute walk away, is a reef break with a channel that works well with Southerly winds. The left is long and rippable and the right shorter and mellower emptying into the channel.
  • Almagreiras, a 10 minute drive, is a swell magnet. It works best with Southerly winds.
  • Pico da Mota, a 15 minute drive, A-frames with barrels and long walls. This spot works best with Southerly winds.
  • Nazare is renown for its big waves from December to March and only a 30 minute drive from Baleal.

• Fishing
The area is famous for its seafood and you will see the fleet of fishing vessels of all shapes and sizes cruising up and down the coast in search of delicacies for your next meal. For those sportsfishermen who want to catch their own there are fishing-tours available.

• Whale-watching
The village is named Baleal for a reason! (Balea meaning whale in Portuguese). Sadly these magnificent creatures are not as profuse as in earlier times yet crystal clear waters off the islands in front of the coast are still a prime whale-watching area. Special whale-watching tours are available.

• Sailing
The Obidos lagoon just North of Baleal offers fantastic sailing and watersports for those who prefer not to brave the Atlantic itself, including sailing.

• Walking / Cycling
Baleal’s vicinity to both the beautiful Atlantic coastline and the charming countryside with eucalyptus forests and winding country-roads make it an ideal destination for walkers/hikers and cyclists. It is yet to be discovered by the masses and you can devise your own rambling tours with ease. We have some favorite trails in the area but urge you to get out and discover your own.

• Yoga
If you want to relax both body and mind, a yoga studio offers classes minutes from your doorstep.

• Culture & History
The region is rich with cultural landmarks waiting to be explored. From the world re-known Obidos medieval village and castle 20 minutes away to a multitude of imposing forts and beautiful churches around each corner, each rich with significance to the region and its people. Local markets, fairs, festivals and simply wandering through villages provide a wonderful taste of the Portuguese way of life. There are bountiful secrets awaiting discovery, it’s simply a matter of setting out to explore.

• Gastronomy
Portugal is well known for its food and wine and Baleal and the surrounding areas do not disappoint. Whether you want to sample the local cuisine and wines from the region, are in search of a seafood feast or are in the mood for something different, there are a multitude of options for your next meal.